For the Chef Shahidur Rahman

Shahidur Rahman
Shahidur Rahman

Shahidur is pleased to welcome you to The Raj Spice. The Raj Spice team, part of which has won the British Curry Award Three times in Top 100 Restaurants UK 2006, 2007 and 2008, is a reminder of the excellence of our creations and now we are fusing that with fusion cuisine.

Shahidur was at the Fusion Food Festival in Dhaka and regards it as one of the most thrilling learning experiences of his career as a businessman, chef and restauranteur. Shahidur has also won the Fusion Chef of the Year 2007/2008, Taste of Britain Chef of the Year 2010/11/14 and Businessman Award 2015 awarded by Curry Life Magazine.

“My Mother is an amazing cook. If i can make other people feel about my food the way i do about hers, then i will be a happy man.”

The cuisine served at The Raj Spice is inspired be the second city of Bangladesh called Sylhet. However we still have many of your firm favourites alongside a careful selection of Chefs Specialities.

All beautifully prepared and remaining true to the regional cuisine of Bangladesh and India. The variety of starters and accompaniments chosen by our chef, combined to create a glorious fusion of flavours and exotic palate of sub-continent to compliment your main course. All our dishes are prepared with extra care, using the finest ingredients and an authentic combination of spices. All spices are freshly grounded in our kitchen, ensuring pure and high quality.

Please allow extra time for the preparation of your meal, most dishes have a slow method of cooking, we believe you will experience the difference. We are all dedicated to ensuring your meal from Spice Lounge, and hope to see you again and again in the near future.

Your satisfaction is our reputation